Defining Your Vegan Identity

Defining Your Vegan Identity.

Assuming all vegans eat the same thing is like assuming all meat-eaters eat the same thing: they don’t. Having a vegan diet is definitely not as restricting as it may seem at first: this fact is clearly visible when reviewing the types of vegan diets that have been identified. Ethical Vegans are what I am. We eat anything as long as it does not have an animal origin, as our main incentive for joining the lifestyle is to protest against meat and dairy industries that abuse animals. As opposed to other types of vegans, our food includes meat alternatives that taste just like meat and cheese alternatives that taste just like cheese. Sometimes we are called “Junk-Food Vegans” because, compared to other categories of vegans, we are less in the lifestyle for the health aspect and do not mind eating food that is no healthier than animal products (Nerisse par. 11). Plant Based Vegans, on the other hand, are in the vegan lifestyle mostly for the health aspects, as they eat no “junk food.” In other words, Plant Based Vegans do not buy food that has been processed by a company and prefer to make their own food using plants like fruits, vegetable, seeds, and nuts. One step further than a Plant Based Vegan is the Raw Vegan, “who does not eat any animal by-products as well as anything cooked above 115 degrees Fahrenheit” (Nerisse par. 8). Like the Plant Based Vegans, Raw Vegans are in the lifestyle particularly for the health aspects, and they believe that cooking their food removes the nutrients. Raw Veganism can be broken down into subcategories, but as a whole, it is the extreme opposite from “Junk-Food Vegans.” From these classifications, it begins to become obvious that Veganism does not begin to describe the intricacies and variety when living without animal products just as “Meat-Eater” does not begin to describe those who choose to eat animal carcases. So what are you? What could you see yourself as?

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