Wake Up! Save the Animals

Wake Up! Save the Animals.

Examples are abundant showing that humans care about animals. “No animals were harmed in the making of this film,” for instance, is a familiar statement at the end of many films. Also, almost half of all American households have a pet that they feed and care for (“Shelter Intake” par. 9). Moreover, people group together in outrage when animals are wrongly harmed, such as after the recent killing of Harambe (Allen par. 2). But all of these examples leave me confused: with all of this love for animals, why are we still eating their carcases, wearing their flesh and fur, and testing our products on them as if they are crash test dummies? There is an obvious, unrealized hypocrisy in contemporary society when it comes to animal rights: people need to wake up and realise that their lifestyle comes at the cost of animal torture and death. Many documentaries are available that depict the life that animals raised for consumption live in: to support the feeding of all humans, these animals must be raised in crowded factories, behind bars, until they are of big enough size to be eaten or skinned or impregnated (“Farm to Fridge“). But the horrifying conditions in these documentaries can be changed if only contemporary society realises their hypocrisy. It is estimated that one person is able to save over 100 animal lives a year if they make the simple switch to veganism (“Top 10 Reasons” par. 3). So, the facts are simple: by buying animal products, humans are paying for torture; by avoiding animal products, humans can withhold their money from these big name companies that produce the torture. It is time humans morph our reactions to “no animals were harmed in the making of this film” into similar reactions to “no animals were harmed in the making of this food or clothing.”


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