2 Must-Try Thunder Bay Vegan Restaurants

2 Must-Try Thunder Bay Vegan Restaurants.

Vegan options are available at most restaurants (PETA, a vegan blog, goes into detail about vegan options at fast food restaurants). However, in Thunder Bay, if you do not want to feel embarrassed or judged by ordering such specific vegan foods at a non-vegan restaurant, there are three main plant-based restaurants in town: The Growing Season, Organic Garden Café, and Bonobo’s Foods. Even though these restaurants have a wide selection of vegan items, I have only personally tasted or heard about the burgers at each restaurant, so I will be reviewing them here. Yet, because this is the case, I will not speak to the growing season, as their veggie burger is not completely vegan (it contains eggs). I still encourage you to check out their fresh vegan items on their facebook page, though. For the two restaurants I will compare, I will use the criteria of price, ease of access, and quality of the veggie burgers as points with which to compare and contrast.


In this section, I will simply list the prices of the veggie burgers at the two restaurants.

At The Organic Café, the veggie burger is $7.50.

At Bonobo’s Foods, there are multiple types of veggie burgers ranging from $10.50-$11.50

Therefore, with regards to the price The Organic Café is the better option.

Ease of Access

In this section, I will review both the parking at the restaurant and the busyness and atmosphere of the restaurant.

The Organic Café, being located beside the Italian Hall, has ample parking. For all that, it is often busy around lunch and dinner times, as most of the seats are taken up at these times. Be that as it may, the burgers can be made to go. One important note is that the veggie burgers are only available on Tuesdays and Fridays.

Bonobo’s Foods, on the contrary, has very limited parking. Yet, this may be an asset, as it means the restaurant is less crowded and busy during meal hours. These burgers can also be made to go, quicker than those at The Organic Café. In addition, The burgers are made every day of the week.

Thus, in regards to how easy it is to buy burgers from each restaurant, Bonobo’s foods is a better option. If the parking spots are available, you will have a much easier time accessing your vegan meal.


In this section, I will review my subjective opinions of the veggie burgers.

The burger patty from The Organic Café is very moist and flavourful, as most vegan burgers are. Nonetheless, the bun is a bit too big and dry, which takes away from the overall experience.

The burger patty at Bonobo’s Foods, likewise, is extremely delicious as most vegan burgers. The bun is equally as big, but there is the option of having the middle of the bun cut out. Therefore, the bun does not distract from the quality of the burger.

Consequently, when it comes to overall quality, even though both restaurants should be applauded, Bonobo’s Foods is slightly better in regards to the bun options.


I have, thus, reviewed criteria of Bonobo’s Foods and The Organic Café, exceptional vegan restaurants in town. Accordingly, the price is definitely lower at The Organic Café than it is at Bonobo’s Foods. Maybe because of this lower price, combined with the numerous parking spots, The Organic Café is typically busy and crowded, at least more so than Bonobo’s Foods is. In addition, the lower price may be indicative of the cheaper-style of buns available at The Organic Café that take away from the quality of the burger; Bonobo’s Foods, on the other hand, has options that reduce the bun size to receive the full quality of the burger patty. Taking all of these criteria into consideration, Bonobo’s Foods would definitely be the better Thunder Bay vegan restaurant for ordering burgers.


Hence, if you are looking for an easy, animal-friendly night of eating out, I recommend that you try Bonobo’s Foods; here, you will have a delightful experience.


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